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Class 1 & 2: March-April

The 8th of March 2021 felt like a start of a school year. Some excited and nervous faces of children arriving at the school gates. “Our classroom is bigger than I remembered”, exclaimed one of the children. They eagerly unloaded their books and crayon rolls back in to their desks, ready for the school day to begin. It was such a joy to see all the children back in the classroom. The school was once again filled with life: full classrooms, chatter and laughter rising from the playground, children reconnecting with each other and exploring their school. We were lucky that the sun was shining and enjoyed some great experiments with our shadows. Together, we made a class sundial and began exploring time. Over the course of the week, we observed the changes in the school garden. Spring was really in the air; new buds were opening up and leaves were unfolding. We explored the differences between the 4 seasons and organised the months of the year in chronological order. By giving each month a number we now know how to write the date with only numbers! We listened to the story of a swallow who was born in the spring and grew all summer. In autumn, he migrated from his nest in the UK to a warmer country and he then came back to exactly the same nesting place the following spring. One of the many amazing wonders of our natural world.

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