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the eggs!

Doesn't the hand pointing at the eggs look awfully familiar?

Egg 1 was in the bird house in the Kindergarten garden, I hope it didn't confuse the birds!

Egg 2 was having a cuddle with Ruth's beat baby on the shelves in her office

Egg 3 was very brave sitting in the compost

Egg 4 was hanging from the iris in the middle of the pond looking out for tadpoles

Egg 5 was buried in Karin's kindergarten sandpit. I wonder what other treasures might be buried in there?

Egg 6 was hanging in front of some of Class 3's lovely spring time paintings in Lizzie's room

Egg 7 was counting how many eggs we had found on Class 1 and 2's abacus in Brechtje's room

Egg 8 was reading all about Giraffe's with Class 4 and 5 in Jane's room

Egg 9 was visiting the elephants in Melanie's handwork room

Egg 10 was hoping to do some Eurythmy with Erika in the hall

Egg 11 was tucked under the rainbow in Kate's kindergarten room. I wonder if there is pot of gold under there too?

Egg 12 is ready to eat for breakfast sitting in an egg cup on the shelves in Jess's kindergarten room

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