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dawn chorus

Anyone finding themselves awake early these last few weeks will have noticed the birds are waking up early too.

Have you ever sat and listened to the whole dawn chorus, hearing different birds voices joining the song as the sound gradually builds up as the sky begins to lighten and fill with the colour of the sunrise? I can recommend all getting up early wrapping up warm, getting your favourite warm drink and sitting in the back garden, doorstep or by an open window to listen to the birds in your area wake up and begin their day defending their territory or trying to attract a mate.

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An autumn sunrise taken from one of the windows at Bristol Steiner School. Can you see the sunrise or set from one of your windows?

If you want to listen to a dawn chorus, choose a fine, clear day with little wind. Late April through to early June is the best time of year when you will hear a the most variety of birds.

The dawn chorus peaks half-an-hour before to half-an-hour after sunrise, if you can get up early enough it is lovely to hear it right from the beginning.

See if you can identify the different bird song as the they join in, listen more than once and you might start to see patterns, get to know which birds wake up earliest or latest. We would love to hear about your experiences listening to the dawn chorus, if youwould

Go to theRSBP website if you would like to learn more the dawn chorus.