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Puppy Love!

Have you got a furry friend at home you would like to tell us about?

This, very sweet, lurcher-poodle cross called Milly has been lucky enough to be adopted by one of our Class 4 pupils. She looks like she is enjoying receiving so much love and attention, what a lucky pup!

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Looking after a puppy is quite a big responsibility as they have so much to learn. With many people having to stay at home more recently it has been a good time to get down to some training.....

"There's lots of learning taking place on our part and hers, training her (Milly) to have good manners and go to the toilet where she should"

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All that learning can be hard work so it is important to take a nap when you need one. Milly looks so peaceful and relaxed. What a contented little puppy!

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If you have a pet and would like to share some pictures of them with us please send them to;