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Shibori tie-dyeing experience!

Two sisters, one in Kindergarten and one in Class 2, really took up the challenge of the rainy day activity we sent home this weekend. They have used this Japanese tie- dying technique, Shibori, to produce some very beautiful and unique textiles.

"We used turmeric for the yellow colour and the leftover water from beetroot cooked that day (😊) for the pink."

"The process was over 2 days because we let them dry overnight in their folded/tied state. Also we found that the elastics were a bad idea (they snapped from the heat) and we had to go over the elastics with string."

"Girls enjoyed participating in all the steps (putting in the turmeric, and mixing the salt in), tying the cloths, putting them in the water [carefully!] and finally untying them at the end."

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