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Easter Parade


Bristol Steiner School


What hat are you wearing?

We have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely photo's of your Easter hats.

Come and join our parade...…

Some of the Kindergarten team have been busy, it looks like that Robin has found a safe place to nest!

A beautiful Easter flower crown from one of our Kindergarten pupils, I'm sure that blossom smells lovely!

A Class 1 and Kindergarten sibling collaboration. Those carrots look really tasty, I hope the little chicks don't eat them!

Don't forget your Easter basket! These Kindergarten and Class 2 siblings have made and decorated these beautiful baskets together.

This Kindergarten pupil and her big brother are ready to join the Easter parade!

Look at this pretty creation from one of our Class 3 pupils. The family of chicks look very happy nestled amongst the dandelions!

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