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What was in your window?

It has been lovely to see the different things you have put up in your windows. Its not too late to join in. You can carry on sending us your photos until Wednesday 22nd April and they will be added to our blog page,

One of our Kindergarten pupils made these colourful, rainbow stars with her mummy. I wonder what she is growing in the little pots below?

A beautiful rainbow in one of our Kindergarten pupils windows, with a lovely group of horses galloping below it!

A bright and happy thank you to our NHS is in this Kindergarten pupil's window!

This Class 2 and Kindergarten family have filled their windows with these cheerful drawings!

What a friendly greeting from this Kindergarten and Class 3 family !

What a beautifully stitched, colourful rainbow from one of our Class 3 pupils

A very creative piece of natural art and a positive message and rainbow made by a Class 4 pupil and her family.

One of our parents sent me some thoughtful words about the current situation and kindly agreed for us to share them with you

Corona situation brings us hope too...

Its such a wonderful time,

After long time,

Humans stopped all non necessary things- travel, celebrations, shopping, spending etc.

No planes in the sky,

No vehicles on the road,

No boats in the seas and oceans.

Less emission of pollution and more tonnes of air will be purified as whole world stopped for a while.

After long time,

This spring nature will get its own time to rebirth itself.

After long time,

Mother Earth will get a chance to breathe fresh air and flourish.

After long time,

Nature will get time to recover.

After long time,

I can hear the nature’s song clear,

Birds chirping,

Squirrels squeaking,

Wind whistling,

Trees dancing,

Bees Humming,

Flowers blooming.

After long time,

I can see blinking and shooting stars instead of blinking flights in the sky.

After long time,

People stopped to check next door neighbours to help.

After long time,

Young generation halted, turned back, and taking care of elderly.

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