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Hola Salut Konnichi Ha Zdravstvuyte Olá Ciao Namaste As-salam Nei Ho Guten Tag

Cześć Shalom

This week in school and kindergarten we would usually be celebrating the Whitsun or Pentecost festival by wearing white, making doves or daisy chains and by coming together to sing in different languages as a symbol of peace and unity. It is a celebration of all the different cultures within our diverse community and promotes mutual respect and understanding.

Whitsun—meaning ‘white sun’—comes from a tradition still practised in remote crofts and farms of painting/whitewashing buildings, spring cleaning and receiving new white clothes to wear to church. There is a freshness in the air, flowers are strong and vibrant and we see life and vigour in the nature world around us

It feels like nature is celebrating. Everything is pure and white and plentiful.

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As you can see we've been making Whitsun Doves for our nature table. We would love to share photographs of what you've been making at home here and on our Facebook page

email them to us at:

Happy Whitsun!