• Purpose

    The Trustees are committed to supporting parents on low incomes who would wish to access a place at the school but who cannot afford full fees.


    It would be unusual for a bursary award to be made in Kindergarten. If assistance is required at this stage, please contact the School Business Manager.



    The school’s Business Model allows for 30% of pupils in each of Years 1-5 (the Primary School Years) to be able to be in receipt of a Bursary if they meet the income threshold for a Bursary.


    The Bursary is equivalent to a full term’s fee remission a year – a saving on fees of £2659. This reduces the monthly direct debit payments required from £664 to £443. If you feel you would like to be considered for a Bursary please discuss this in your first meeting with the Senior Manager with responsibility for Admissions who will put you in touch with the Business Manager.


    Bursaries are considered by the School Management Team. You may be asked to meet with the School Business Manager to discuss your circumstances and provide any further supporting information before a decision is made, where any fee arrangement breaks down, or before a bursary is renewed. To be considered for a bursary, please download the policy and return a completed application form below.



    For any bursary queries, please write to or ask to speak with the School Business Manager, Sarah O’Farrell, who can be contacted by email at: sarahofarrell@bristolsteinerschool.org


    Or by post c/o:

    Bristol Steiner School

    Redland Hill House

    Redland Hill

    Bristol BS6 6UX

  • Bursary Policy

    Bursary awards are made for one year at a time and should not be considered as a long-term solution. All bursary awards are subject to repeat means-testing each year, and may be varied depending on the circumstances.

  • Bursary Application

    The Bursary Application form can be downloaded below, or hard copies can be obtained from the Finance Officer. This form should be completed as fully as possible, and all requested supporting information should be supplied at the time the form is submitted.