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    Worry Box

    There is a 'worry boxes' near the back garden door. You can write your worries down on any piece of paper and put them in - either with your name or without. Your teachers will check the worry box regularly and help you resolve any worries that you might have. If your teacher thinks you are unsafe, they may have to share your worry with Lorraine, Erika and Jess.

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    Other places to go with worries


    If you are at home and need to talk to someone about worries, you can phone Childline for free. Childline's phone number is:


    0800 1111

    They can talk to you about any of your worries. https://www.childline.org.uk/



    Youngminds is a charity that supports people to have a positive mental health. There is information about various issues with links and ideas for support on the website. https://youngminds.org.uk/

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    Things to do to manage your worries

    Everyone worries about things sometimes and it is OK. However, sometimes our worries can seem overwhelming. It is good to ask for help from a trusted adult if your worries seem like this. To help manage your worries and stay positive there 5 things that you can do. These are:

    1 - exercise;

    2 - connect with friends and family - talk to your friends or family, or send them letters and messages;

    3 - notice - notice things you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste; when your mind is full of worries stop and take 10 breaths and look around...what can you see and hear?

    4 - learn - learning new things can help calm worries - you are learning everyday at school but can you learn other things at home - how to ride your bike? How to tie your shoelaces? Can you learn some songwords?

    5 - give - this does not need to be a present but can be the gift of kindness. Look at the 'Kindness' calendar above - can you give the gift of kindness each day?