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Whats in your window?

we'd love to see pictures of what you have put up in your own windows

Since the country went into lock down I've noticed that a new way of communication has developed. All over the world people have realised their window's potential as a tool for communication.

Many people have placed rainbows in their windows to bring cheer to anyone who can see them. But people haven't stopped there. There are all kinds of pictures, posters, toys and teddy bears in windows around Bristol sending positive messages out to the world.

I have seen encouraging, hopeful messages; thank yous to the NHS, supermarket staff and other critical workers, messages to friends and family saying that they are missed and even favourite jokes to give people a much needed laugh.

We would love to see what you have put up in your window. Perhaps you would like to write a message to a friend or family member? If you would like us to share your window art or message on our blog page please send photos to us at by the end of the day on Monday 20th April.

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