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  • December 2023: Upon the application of the Board of Trustees, the High Court of Justice Business and Property Courts in Bristol - Company & Insolvency List (CHD) appointed Siann Huntley and Sean Ward of Leonard Curtis as Joint Administrators of Waldorf School (Bristol) Limited t/a the Bristol Steiner School (the “School”) with effect from 14.01 pm on 13 December 2023. The School is continuing to trade under the supervision of the Joint Administrators.


    For any enquiries regarding the Administration, please contact recovery@leonardcurtis.co.uk


    The affairs, business and property of the School are being managed by the Joint Administrators who act as agents of the School without personal liability. Siann Huntley and Sean Ward are authorised to act as insolvency practitioners by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.


    March 2024: Administrators of Bristol Steiner School and Kindergarten today confirmed that they are working with the Board of Trustees and the PTFA about proposals to move the school out of administration and reverse the planned closure at the end of the academic year (July 2024).


    Since the announcement of financial difficulties at the school last December which put the educational establishment into administration, families and the wider community have been putting together a rescue plan.


    The administrators confirm that due diligence and the legal framework for implementing the rescue plan is being taken forward and a review of the skills set and appointing additional trustees would need to be in place to complete a rescue plan to ensure the school can exit out of administration and trade normally. “We are, in principle, impressed with the proposition that could give the school a viable future.”


    The PTFA and The Board of Trustees have admissions open for September 2024, subject to the ongoing process. Parents are invited to register interest here https://www.bristolsteinerschool.org/general-enquiries


    May 2024: We are excited to share that Bristol Steiner School has made significant progress towards completion of its administration process.


    The Trustees unanimously agreed that the PTFA's Proposal to rescue the school was viable and in the best interests of the school. This means that the Administrators will complete some final financial checks before returning the Governance of the school to the Trustee Board. We are confident the school has an exciting future and will continue to provide a child-centred approach to learning and a commitment to promoting the development of the whole child.


    Admissions for the academic year starting in September 2024 are open. We invite interested parents to sign up for one of our open days by getting in touch with admissions@bristolsteinerschool.org

    We nurture. We encourage. We promote. We cherish. We deliver.

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    Bristol Steiner School is a wonderful setting and one that is both a privilege and a pleasure to serve. Fundamental to the Steiner Waldorf philosophy is the belief in a child-centred, relational approach to learning and a commitment to promoting the development of the whole child. This is embraced and cherished throughout all aspects of life at school, through lived values rooted in the delivery of contextual learning, with true meaning and purpose. This is also characterised through collaborative partnerships, underpinned by a desire to remain true to Steiner Waldorf beliefs, whilst harnessing the best that other educational philosophies have to offer to enhance our practice.


    At Bristol Steiner School, there is an authentic and tangible sense of community and culture that not only cultivates excellence, but creates a safe environment in which the children can be curious. Opportunities to explore are embedded throughout the curriculum and discretely encourage skills of independence, resilience and respect. Reciprocity is deliberately promoted between children, staff and the interactions that exist between each other. Our children are content, confident and thrive, as a result.


    It is these guiding principles, which provide the time and space to allow each child to grow and develop an appreciation of themselves and a genuine love of learning, as they journey with us through the school. Our nurturing and warm setting, resonant of a village school environment, is what makes us truly unique, offering a diverse alternative in an urban setting that places connectedness, wellbeing and happiness at the heart of our ambitions.


    Lorraine Swords - Head Teacher