Where wonder is nurtured and learning discovered.


  • Kindergarten

    The nurturing years, 3-6 years old.


    The Kindergarten provides a secure and unhurried setting in which the children can grow and thrive and discover their natural love of learning. Here the children in these early years learn through play and exploration. This is a gentle introduction to school and the wider world.


    This warm family friendly atmosphere in the Kindergarten is structured with what we call the rhythm of the day and the seasons – where rhythm, repetition and structured programmes of activity reassure and develop increasing levels of skills.


    There is a family atmosphere – we see the kindergarten as a second family for the children with small class sizes and a mixed age group where your child is well known, creating a deep sense of security where confidence and social skills thrive.


    Children are involved in learning through activities such as baking, sewing, weaving, modelling, painting, woodwork, fairy tales, games, dance and movement, and singing. Each day has a structure within which your child will develop trust, curiosity and love for learning.


    The participation in the celebration of festivals inspires a sense of awe, reverence and community as well as an understanding and respect for the different cultures both in our Kindergarten and in the wider world.












    We support the natural, artistic and rhythmic development of young and curious minds.

  • Wonders of Our Kindergarten

    The children enjoy a beautiful classroom, vegetable garden and playful outdoor space.

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    Growing In The Garden

    Walled garden and vegetable patch

    Our beautiful garden has a lovely enclosed play area for the Kindergarten, with sand pit, climbing frame, dens and fire pit.

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    The Beautiful Classrooms

    Natural wood and decorations of soft fabrics.

    A beautiful, calming and sensory classroom, with high ceilings, lots of natural light and a homely feel.

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    Storytelling and Puppetry

    The wonder of stories and folk tales.

    We bring to life fables and folk tales in story, poetry and puppetry. Before we focus on the structure of the language, we bring to life a passion for words and story telling.














    A beautiful, natural and creative environment.