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    To prepare our young children for a changing global future, we need to nurture their emotional intelligence, creativity, practical skills and self-confidence.


    Our parents are passionate people who, like all parents, have made specific choices about their children's education. Here is some of their feedback:

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    Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

    Chef, Journalist & Food Writer

    "We were looking for a school that would guide our daughter to develop a confident, caring and creative approach to learning, rather than push her to fit a narrow ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. During her time at Bristol Steiner School she became a thriving member of the school community. She appreciated, as we did, their commitment to learning through experience, to the importance of making and doing as well as reading and counting, to fostering a respect for nature, and for the breadth of human experience throughout the world"

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    Juliana Hounsfield

    Owners, The Family Practice Health Centre

    "We whole-heartedly recommend the Bristol Steiner School. By focusing on each child and nurturing their unique strengths and interests, the school has provided them with the best start in life. The challenges of starting and running your own business requires creativity, adaptability and personality, alongside a strong sense of purpose and passion for your life’s work. This school provides the perfect conditions for those key characteristics to develop."

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    Rajkumar Paulraj

    Principal Group Engineering Manager, Microsoft

    "Part of my reason for choosing Bristol Steiner School is the way it fosters in children a love of learning and self motivation to learn. I work in a high-tech environment where prior learning and academic study are very important. In that context, I find the difference between ‘good’ and ‘great’ goes beyond what we know: the future is about being creative in the use of our intellect and having a deeper sense of who we are as well rounded and creative individuals."