• Welcome from the Head Teacher

  • Welcome to Bristol Steiner School, an independent day school for children from the age of 3 to 11 years old.


    If I could give only one example of what makes Bristol Steiner School special, I would say it is that we blend the best of the Steiner ‘whole-child’ educational philosophy with the best modern educational practices so that children do extraordinarily well academically, are happy, confident and love learning. Their wellbeing is paramount to us. More than any school that I’ve worked in, it really feels like a community. There is something particularly special about seeing the children rushing into school, excited, happy and smiling every morning.


    As I walk around, I take pleasure in seeing the strength and warmth of our interactions here. Everyone knows each other, everyone respects each other. Our class sizes of about 15 ensure each child gets genuine time with their teacher every day. We know that building a ‘love of learning’ first is key to long term academic success and helping to prepare our children for a rapidly changing world. For parents worried their children are being labelled early in their educational journey, we offer an alternative. We passionately believe in assessing progress but without the pressure of standardised testing at this young age: putting pressure on young children is counterproductive. Our children are happy, confident, sociable and eloquent. They really are ‘Inspired for Life’.

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